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Revolution - a discontent with the status quo.

Logic - the power of reason and argument.

Universality - all human being are capable of thinking.

Risk - thinking is a decision that supports independent points of view.

The western world does not engage in thought for freedom as it believes it is already free.

Logic is assaulted by the communication of disconnected images, remarks, statements,

and commentaries whose accepted principle is incoherence for example the internet.

Universality is counter posed with an essentially specialized and fragmentary world.

Risk; nobody has the means to submit to the perils of chance

as existence has been reduced to calculating security.

The reign of merchandise has replaced revolution.

The reign of communication has replaced logic.

The reign of technical specialization has replaced universalism.

That's why we are all so selfish at great cost to life.

The importance of self is both the great lie and the great bribe.