End Times

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Articles like this

have zero impact on a population

that is concerned about daily survival or daily life.

The poor have to sell their time

So have none

For climate change

The ones consuming the most

are not going to live simply

but they will recycle.

So here we go again.

The likely end of civilization is foreshadowed

in a new draft report by the Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a generally conservative monitor.

The report concludes that increasing greenhouse gas emissions will have a

"severe, pervasive and irreversible impact for people and ecosystems."

The world is rapidly approaching a temperature where the the melting

of the ice sheet over Greenland which is vast, will be unstoppable;

sea levels will rise and major cities and coastal plains will flood.


A study in Science magazine warns that "even slightly warmer temperatures

will start melting permafrost, which will release greenhouse gases trapped in ice,

with possible fatal consequences."

The IPCC report reaffirms that the "vast majority" of known fuel reserves

must be left in the ground to avert intolerable risks to future generations.

     Alberta...Is anybody out there? 

Meanwhile the major energy corporations (Suncor/ Syncrude)

make no secret of their goal of exploiting the Tar Sands

and looking for more and at what cost?

Ha Ha

They win

We die

You were right.

1. It's Happened Before

The beginning of civilization coincides closely

with the geological epoch of the Holocene,

which began over 11,000 years ago.

About 250 years ago,

The Anthropocene epoch,

began known primarily

for human activity impacting

the physical world.

One index of global warming

is the extinction of species,

now estimated to be about

the same rate as it was

65 million years ago

when an asteroid hit the Earth.

This ended the age of the dinosaur,

which opened the way for small mammals

to proliferate like you and eventually us.

Today humans are the asteroid

that is condemning much of life to extinction.

"But we thought we were shooting stars."

Meanwhile The New York Times

reports huge Midwestern grain stocks are rotting

so oil from North Dakota can be railed

then shipped to Asia and Europe

while people are starving.

You know.

You know.

Arundhati Roy suggests that the most appropriate metaphor

for the insanity of our times is the Siachen Glacier

where Indian and Pakistani soldiers

have been killing each other on the highest battlefield

in the world for years.

The glacier is receding and revealing "thousands

of empty artillery shells empty fuel drums, empty empties

ice axes, old boots, tents and every other kind

of waste that thousands of warring human beings leave behind."

And as the glaciers melt India and Pakistan face disaster

not only from each other but also Mother Nature.

"Hey c'mon I recycle"

Revolution has been reduced to another commercial.

The west is too far gone.

Are you raising a world-changer?

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